The Power of Print: Why Digital Isn’t Always the Best Marketing Strategy

The rise of digital over the last couple of decades has changed the world beyond all recognition, for businesses and consumers alike. From digital dating to ordering a pizza at the swipe of a fingertip, we’re all constantly connected via our smartphones and tablets — but what does this mean for print? Well, it might just mean opportunity.

If you’re a small business and you’re tired of chasing clicks, you might consider taking advantage of the space the digital boom has created in print media. Here’s why.

Delivering truly memorable brand experiences

While all of us — from the tiniest toddler to the most phobic of technophobes — are now familiar with touchscreen interaction, it’s still an inherently limited experience. This isn’t an issue of content delivery, because information can just as easily be conveyed digitally, but rather it’s about the sensual experience. Do you remember the feeling of an ancient hardback book? Or the softness of a high-end wedding invitation? This is known as “haptic memory”, and it’s something that’s totally missing from digital experiences. The tactile nature of print brings with it a certain level of engagement which is simply missing from digital media. With well-targeted print marketing, you can deliver a brand experience which truly sticks in the memory.

The antidote to “digital blindness”

Another issue which print marketing elegantly sidesteps is the phenomenon of “digital blindness”, also known as “banner blindness”. Put simply, this is the propensity of people to simply ignore digital advertisements. Because online ads are so prolific, and perhaps without even realising it, we’re training ourselves to actively ignore advertising such as web banners, sponsored search results, and even in-feed social ads. Attempts have been made to circumvent banner blindness using integrated native advertising, but the results remain to be seen. Luckily, a proven solution already exists: delivering your marketing message via print instead. Whether this is in the form of direct mail, leaflets, brochures, or even sales letters via snail mail – all of these print marketing options will bypass that digital blindness and make a lasting impression.

AR: The best of both worlds?

It’s clear that there is still a big opportunity in print media for small businesses in 2019, but do you really have to choose? Of course not. As with all things in life, moderation is key – and there may be a burgeoning technology which elegantly marries print with digital: AR, or Augmented Reality. With AR, you can choose to print codes or specific patterns on physical media, then invite your prospects to take out their smartphones and enjoy an interactive experience. This could be anything from a virtual product tour to a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex – the choice is yours. But, no matter how you use AR, it remains an excellent example of how print marketing and digital marketing can really work in sweet harmony.

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